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Andrea Palmer

Andrea Palmer is the Founder and CEO of Awake Labs, a digital health company empowering people with cognitive disabilities to live healthier and more independently. She has been working at the intersection of enabling technology, mental health, and person-centered care for over 7 years. She is a big Enabling Technology and Assistive Technology geek, so please ask!  
Awake Labs uses wearables to measure stress and strong emotions in real time. They have partnered with I/DD care providers across the US and Canada to improve the quality of care and quality of life for the people they support. Awake Labs completed the UnitedHealthcare Accelerator powered by Techstars and is an Ontario Brain Institute portfolio company.  
Andrea is on the Board of Life Sciences Ontario and serves on its Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility Committee.

An engineer by training, Andrea used to build autonomous soccer-playing robots and compete with them around the world. In her spare time, you can find Andrea outdoors, practicing jiu-jitsu and kickboxing, or saying hi to every dog she meets.

Session Topics: 

The Opportunity of Innovation: Awake Labs is on a mission to give everyone the mental health support they deserve. They work to support adults who have an intellectual or developmental disability, a community who is overlooked and underestimated. This session will focus on the science and research behind Awake Labs' exciting technology designed to support people with cognitive disabilities and the care teams that support them to reduce the use of intrusive measures for behavioral supports, increase independence, and improve the quality of people's lives. Andrea will be joined by AWA president, Dr. Syard Evans, to discuss the research and technology involved in Awake Labs' technology, engage with live demonstration data, hear compelling stories, and leave with a better understanding of the opportunities that existing in innovative approaches to the support service system. 

Learn more about Awake Labs at

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