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Nick Filarelli

Nick Filarelli, Program Director at Core Services of Northeast Tennessee. Nick has worked for the past 17 years with individuals with IDD, beginning his career as a Direct Support
Professional. First entering the field with an agency whose program philosophy was to shelter and protect, Nick has had a front row view of the difference in the quality of life when
individuals direct their own lives. For the past several years Nick has functioned as an enabling technology champion for Core Services, helping to transform into a technology first organization and promoting the use of technology to help people achieve true independence. He has given presentations throughout the U.S. and Canada on his experience, and provided consulting expertise for provider agencies in multiple states.

Session Topics: 

Forget great “services”. How about great lives?
Through the daily grind of surveys, audits, rules and regulations, financial worries and staffing
woes, it’s easy to forget why we’re all here: supporting people to live awesome, self-directed,
and fulfilling lives. This presentation hopes to serve as a much needed reminder to forget about
the chaos and just keep it simple: what is a person’s idea of a great life and how do we make it

Core Services of Northeast, Tennessee will share their journey towards becoming a person-
centered organization by demonstrating real success stories. Witness people achieving their goals

and living their best lives: competitive employment, independent living, dream vacations,
meaningful natural supports and community connections. The end result: happier people, a
happier workforce, and a financially healthy provider agency.

We’d love to hear success stories from attendees: self-advocates, managers, DSPs, and family

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