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Rebecca Zimmermann

Rebecca Zimmermann joined the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families team in July 2017. As Community Engagement Director she encourages people across the state to advocate for the well-being of children at the State Capitol. Before coming to AACF, Rebecca worked at the state association of nonprofits, Little Rock’s Our House homeless shelter, and at Audubon Arkansas. Rebecca earned her bachelor’s degree in international Relations and Latin American Studies from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and her Master of Public Service at the Clinton School of Public Service.

Session Topics: 

Advocating for Change: Advocating for and against laws at the state Capitol can feel intimidating.
But anyone can be a strong advocate at the state legislature. And every advocate is different.
That is why it is important to figure out your personal advocacy style. Arkansas Advocates for
Children and Families Community Engagement Director Rebecca Zimmermann will go over how
to create an advocacy plan that works best for you or your organization and different tactics
you can use to maximize your impact.

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